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Antique Tractor Auction

Steve Mead, of Kent City, Mich., looks at tractors that belonged to the late Sherwood “Red” Casterline in Ensley, Mich. Arlene Culver beamed as she surveyed the farmyard lined with 72 antique tractors, old engines and other rusted farm equipment collected by her late father, Sherwood “Red” Casterline. On Saturday, hundreds of antique farm equipment buffs from as far away as Texas will gather for an auction to sell off the rare tractors and engines Culver’s father dragged home one by one over 50 years of collecting. (Cory Morse / AP)

An antique CoOp wide fry orchard tractor that is part of the late Sherwood “Red” Casterline’s tractor collection is seen in Ensley, Mich. (Cory Morse / AP)

Carolyn Forrest, 11, and her brother, Nicholas Forrest, 10, look at a 1947 Pontiac that belonged to the late Sherwood “Red” Casterline in Ensley, Mich. (Cory Morse / AP)

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