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Paper Design Project In Honour Of Nelson Mandela And The Hard Fight Against The Apartheid

“Tribute to Madiba” is made by graffiti artist Fabian De Smet out of hundreds of paper polygons on a wooden canvas, which under a specific light direction recreates the portrait of Nelson Mandela thanks to a new lights and shadows sculpting technique.

Working in graphic design and art direction, Fabian De Smet wanted to bring back the memories of the hard fight that took place to push the apartheid back. To remind hatred is not a solution, he sought for a medium to prove how we can achieve something greater just by changing our point of view. The centenary of Nelson Mandela was thought to be a great opportunity to revive his legacy. After several months of research, trials and hard work, the “Tribute to Madiba” project was born.

Young Belgian graffiti artist in France at first, Fabian moved to Belgium to study graphic design and advertising, he then graduated with high honours in 2014 from the ESIAJ. To broaden his skills, Fabian went through graphic design, typography, art and motion design projects. He then discovered a passion for tactile & motion design.

More: Fabian De Smet, Behance, Facebook

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