Artist Transforms Present Technologies Into Objects From The 1980s

A world without the Internet is already an alien concept. The Internet is an integral part of our daily routines and objects around us, so much in fact, that certain things would not even exist without it.

But that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t try imagining how certain apps would look like in different times, right? Thomas Olliver, a creative art director, has envisioned technologies of nowadays as objects from the 1980s.

Did you know that Instagram would do wonders as a disposable camera? And that so would a walk-talk WhatsApp? Surely, if you found yourself teleported back in time, you wouldn’t leave your house without a Spotify walkman. Would you?

Good news you don’t need to go back in time. You just need to scroll down the page, and find out what Facebook, Netflix, and Google would be like in the 1980s!

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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