A Group Of Friends In Estonia Have Turned A 1984 Audi 100 Into A Cosy Wood-Fired Sauna

If you saw this third-generation Audi 100 Avant parked on a street corner, you might think there is nothing particularly remarkable about it – at first glance.

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Peer inside the windows and you’ll see that the chimney is connected to a sauna stove in the front passenger seat and that the entire interior has been converted into a wood-panelled sauna. Only the steering wheel and the gearbox remain. The space, which also boasts LED lighting, a four-speaker sound system and a USB connection, can accommodate up to five people before it might begin to feel too cosy.

This sauna was created by a group of friends in Estonia who were once planning a sauna evening at a location that was still under construction.

They first looked at options for renting a mobile sauna, but calculated that it would be cheaper to simply buy an old car and all the parts needed to convert it into a sauna they could keep. The total cost was just €200.

Mr Rang, who’s currently writing a book about the wonderful and weird saunas of Estonia, told the BBC the little sauna delivered beyond his expectations.

“When I first saw it, I thought it was just a good joke but to my surprise it delivered a great sauna experience too. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze inside but it has a nice wood-burning stove with rocks at a low level that circulate leil, or sauna steam in Estonian, very well around the space.”

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