The Most Ridiculous Products People Have Made From IKEA Bags

IKEA is a staple of pop culture. Absolutely everyone has visited the flat-pack mega-retailer at some point, whether it’s to kit out their new home, buy a few plates or just sample the store’s Swedish meatballs.

Tailor-made mask by @zhijunwang

No IKEA product is more iconic than the 99-cent FRAKTA bag, an extra-large, extra-sturdy Polypropylene tote that thousands of the store’s customers use to stash their purchases.

Here’s some of the best (and most ridiculous) IKEA-meets-fashion mashups out there, courtesy of these innovative young creatives.

h/t: highsnobiety

IKEA wallets by @a_l_c_h_

IKEA bucket hat by @a_l_c_h_







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