This Artist Creates Eerie Sculptures That Look Like Victorian-Era Ghosts Emerging From Mirrors

Michael Locascio is a New Jersey-based artist and the owner of Dellamorte & Co. – an online store that sells all sorts of eerie and macabre sculptures that draw inspiration from mythical creatures, catacombs, and mysticism. And even though Michael’s store is already incredibly successful with over 39k sales and nothing but positive reviews, one specific sculpture recently caught the attention of Twitter users.

A few days ago, Twitter user Draculasswife shared photos of one of Michael’s sculptures, a Victorian ghost emerging from an antique mirror, and it went viral almost instantly, receiving over 203 K likes.

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This specific sculpture is 8.5 in (21.6 cm) in size and will set you back $60.

As for the artist himself, Michael says he studied classical sculpture at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and the Newington Cropsey Foundation, so he’s no newcomer when it comes to sculpting.

“Working with live models, skeletons, and annual cadaver dissections, I trained in anatomy and the bronze monument process there while studying at New York University,” writes the artist in his bio. “Since then I’ve worked as a fine artist in addition to building a prolific career sculpting action figures, toys, and collectible statues.”

Michael says the works presented in his store reflect his fascination and appreciation for the macabre, the mythic, and the unusual.

“I design, sculpt, cast and patina all the pieces for sale,” explains the artist.

Michael has even more amazing pieces of art for sale on his Etsy store:

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