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Stop Picking Your Face! New Toy Lets You Pop Pimples For Fun

No matter how much you think you understand people, they will ALWAYS surprise you. This time they have made “Pop It Pal” – a chunk of fake skin dotted with several pores, each of which is filled with simulated pus you can squeeze out.

It’s available in two colors, “brown” and “peach” and comes filled with imitation pus, made of a mixture of beeswax and olive oil. Once you’ve squeezed out all the pus, you can refill it with a $5 bottle. Even if you blow through a bottle a day, that’s still less than $2,000 a year, which shouldn’t strain your fake pus budget.

More info: Youtube (h/t: sadanduseless)

As disgusting as all this might seem, it actually makes sense why pimple popping has become so popular. Squeezing out a big red whopper on your nose is inherently satisfying, and the science backs it up. According to neuroscientist Heather Berlin, our brains reward us with dopamine for expunging a zit.

Here’s a full video of “Pop It Pal” in action:

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