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This Peculiar Board Game Is Anticipated To Be Biggest Kickstarter Campaign Ever


One Kickstarter campaign is on its way to taking over its title, having raised more than $5 million over the weekend of its launch. ‘Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5’ is a tabletop miniatures game similar to ‘Dungeons and Dragons’, that offers “cooperative nightmare horror game experience”.

More info: Kickstarter (h/t: designtaxi, polygon)


‘Kingdom Death’ is a miniatures skirmish campaign that offers a “cooperative nightmare horror game experience.” At first glance, the game seems to share some mechanics with the upcoming ‘Dark Souls’ board game from Steamforged Games. Both rely on decks of cards to control monster’s movements and attacks. But Kingdom Death seems much more complex in how it evolves the characters and the story from session to session.


The product also seems to take the best of the old-school and the new-school approach to miniatures design. For hero-scale figures, players are able to create customized figures from dozens of arms, legs and heads. For the monsters, Poots has opted for a massive scale with multi-part beasts that tower nearly a foot off the table.


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