This Is How NYC Central Park Would Have Looked Based On A Rejected Design From 1858

Whether you’re an NYC local or you’ve just seen it on TV, Central Park is sure to have left an imprint on your imagination. It’s such a fixture on the world map of ‘places everybody has heard of’, that it’s difficult to picture it any other way than how the park is today.

But did you know that the design of the Central Park was chosen by competition over 150 years ago? Out of the 33 possible parks, only the one we know and the plans for one losing design still exist.

A team of designers wondered what could have been. So they tracked down the sole surviving ‘losing entry’ of the great 1858 Central Park design competition and recreated it using the power of digital imaging.

What do you think of the results? Would you like to take a wander in Central Park that never was?

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