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Fully Tattooed, This Young Polish Man Is A Real-Life White Walker

With his body 90% tattooed in gray, including his eyes, and a white dyed beard, Adam Curlykale has become a true White Walker, thanks to an impressive series of body modifications.

It was after battling cancer, which left indelible marks on his body and his skin, and to fight against post-traumatic depression, that this Polish man began to regain possession of his appearance by initiating a long process of transformation. If he is 90% covered with tattoos today, he expects to reach 99% soon.

“Tattoos allowed me to discover myself again. I became beautiful to myself. I design my tattoos because it’s my body. I have a specific vision for myself and I do it step by step. Life is so short that I stopped wondering what will happen tomorrow. Life is here and now,” he says.

More info: Instagram (h/t: ufunk)

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