This Cheap Shot 130 Crossbow Will Protect You From The Zombie Apocalypse

Whether it’s being used to slay a vampire or staple a zombie to the wall, the crossbow is the survival weapon of choice for any post-apocalyptic scenario. American weapons manufacturer Cold Steel cooked up the Cheap Shot 130 Crossbow to keep you strapped with the very best in undead warfare.


It doesn’t matter if you are standing, kneeling, sitting or laying on the ground, the Cheap Shot 130 is lightning quick to load. You see, there is no stirrup, rope, or crank cocker needed to get the Cheap Shot 130 into action. What really sets the Cheap Shot 130 apart from all the competition isn’t its telescoping AR style butt stock, Picatinny rail, detachable fore grip, red dot sight, or even its cool OD green color scheme. What really sets it apart is its phenomenal ability to shoot into 3 inches at 30 yards in literally A FEW SECONDS!

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