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“Somewhere On Earth”: Mystical And Fascinating Photo Series By Syl Nial

This series reinvents the abstract into sensation, a feeling.

The artist creates the artwork for the audience to recall a specific feeling. You see pictures with creepy yet pure notes.

You wonder: What is it? Are you in a tale? A horror movie? Are you witnessing your life? Caught when you didn’t expect? It could be everyone.

You cannot identify the characters; they show up always alone as bright beings reflecting light and shining, at times pure in their action like children. The photographer is merely someone spying on them, capturing their innocence as well as other elements– elements of awe, elements of terror, all combining to create the same feelings as fairy tales.

This feeling is also present when you view at the vastness of nature: the drive of curiosity, the desire to know more after the first distracted gaze at a landscape. A landscape which captured during the daylight would be beautiful but, now in the night, is suddenly an ambiguous paradox, ominous and inviting. It is this feeling in between light and darkness, purity and creepiness that is the thread the series.

“My skin is luminous. My soul is pure. I’m magic. I’m on my own. You found me, caught me. Who are you looking at? Who am I? I can’t tell you. I move, I don’t speak your language. I’m not sure we live in the same reality.

It’s a little scary. I won’t do anything bad to you but don’t you either, please.

Creatures with pure soul shine brightest and reflects the most of the light we give them. In the dark, they stay. They luminate.

They are wandering. Going somewhere, who knows where. Then they suddenly see us. They don’t move, for a second.

Fear. Brave and fragile.

Be careful love, you can break that crystal body.”

More: Syl Nial, Instagram

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