Fuck COVID-19: I Survived Coronavirus 2020 Coin Is Here!

Justin Heister did it again. From the creator of outstanding Zero Fucks Coins, a commemorative coin to celebrate surviving this stupid fuckin’ pandemic & these crazy fuckin’ times! FUCK COVID-19!

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This 39mm 1oz. commemorative coin celebrates all the hardships we’ve had to endure together, like keeping 6ft away from each other, being self-isolated, and of course running out of fucking toilet paper! WTF?!

But hey, we’re coming out the other side stronger – and with cleaner hands and cleaner assholes than ever before!

This coin is based on the Kennedy half dollar and updated for today’s totally fucked society! We can’t even trust the air we breathe without the fear of fucking dying…

For the first time ever, we’re offering a coin with a satin/matte finish, and it’s totally badass!!! All of our previous coins have had shiny backgrounds, which is cool… But this new style is next-level awesome.

Each of these “Fuck COVID-19″ Coins is 1.54″ (39mm) in diameter (approximately the same as a Silver Dollar) and .116” thick (3mm), and weighs in at a solid 1oz. These coins are an extremely high quality mint and are akin to a traditional military challenge coin (noticeably larger and heavier than our other regular coins).

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