The Weirdest Monuments Of The Communist Era That Are Still Standing

Big Dead Lenin Head

After the fall of the Soviet Union, many Communist statues and sculptures were destroyed, while others were moved to statue parks or museums. But many of them remained in the same place for the last 20 years, while the former Soviet areas were transformed into modern countries. Here are thirteen of the most incredible ones.

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Lenin’s giant head, Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia
Giant Lenin's Head - Ulan Ude

Buzludzha Monument, Bulgaria
UFO building on the top of the Mountian - Buzludzha
A proletarian motto and soviet symbol under the roof of an old bulgarian communist monument at Buzludzha
The Buzludzha (Бузлуджа) Dome
Labor! Labor! Labor!

Makedonium (Ilinden Memorial), former Yugoslavia, now Krusevo, Macedonia

Mitrovica Memorial, Mitrovica, Kosovo
le barbecue (monument serbe) Mitrovica

War Memorial, Nikšić, Montenegro
Monument. Nikšić, Montenegro.

Monument to the Revolution of the people of Moslavina, Podgarić, Croatia

Béla Kun Memorial, Memento Park, Budapest, Hungary
Memento Park

The Great Patriotic War Memorial (or Mother Motherland Monument), Kiev, Ukraine
Great Patriotic War Memorial
Kiev / Київ (Ukraine) - Great Patriotic War Memorial

Mound of Glory, near Minsk, Belarus
Belarus Mound of Glory

Korenica Monument, former Yugoslavia, now Croatia

The Tsitsernakaberd (Armenian Genocide Memorial), Yerevan, Armenia
Armenian Genocide Memorial - Yerevan
Yerevan Tsitsernakaberd o Tzitzernakaberd Monumento al genocidio armenio Armenia 03

Weird Soviet-era statue, somewhere in Georgia

Weird Lenin Statue, Sukleia, Moldova

Saluting Robo-Lenin from Magnitorsk, 1931

The Independence Monument of Turkmenistan
Independence Monument (Ashgabat - Turkmenistan)
02_16 ASHGABAT - Monument to the Independence
02_20 ASHGABAT - Monument of the Horses
02_22 ASHGABAT - Monument of the Horses

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