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How Soviet Propaganda ‘Taught’ People To Raise Children

Soviet children were taught to never lie, always help their parents and study hard, in order to then be able to effectively work for the future of the working class and socialist paradise.

h/t: rbth

Respect the work of others! You made a mess – you clean it up!

Not a drop! (of alcohol)

Don’t you dare!

That’s not my business!

Learn to do everything yourself!

Study hard!

Don’t beat a child! It delays their development and spoils their character.

Don’t be like this!

I’ll do it by myself! Pupils! Do your homework by yourself!

Don’t wait until a Good Samaritan does everything for you. Learn to get on with work and love different labor!

Lessons in drawing, music and singing will no doubt improve a pupil’s culture.

Are YOU not like him?

If you want to be healthy, become tempered!

Never lie!

We can do everything ourselves! We help our mom!

You and me should help our mother ourselves! Help your elders!

Love books – [it’s] a source of knowledge.

Pioneer! Learn to fight for the cause of the working class!

They spoiled their son since childhood: “Oh, he’s so nice, clever and pretty!” And instead a dummy grew up. You reap what you sow!

Don’t raise them as lords!

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