Artist Drew 50 Monsters Over The Last 2 Years Based On Kid Drawings, And Here’re The Results

According to Aaron Zenz: “For the past two years, I have been inviting kids all around the state of Michigan to send me monster designs. I provided four simple shape prompts for them to build their monsters off of. To date, over 17,000 drawings have been submitted. For my process, I look through all the entries and pick out designs that inspire me. I then work up fully rendered pieces of “fan art” based on their amazing designs in colored pencil, with the same techniques I use when illustrating picture books.

The collection is on display for ArtPrize 2018 in Grand Rapids, Michigan outside the Children’s Museum. Throughout the 19 days of ArtPrize, kids can continue to submit designs and I will illustrate new fan art monsters LIVE on-site. The results will be added daily to the growing collection and by the end of ArtPrize I will have finished 300 pieces of Monster Art.”

ArtPrize is an open, independently organized international art competition which takes place for 19 days every other fall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. More than five hundred thousand dollars in prizes are awarded each year, which include a $200,000 prize awarded entirely by public vote and another $200,000 prize awarded by a jury of art experts.

Any artist working in any medium from anywhere in the world can participate. Art is exhibited throughout downtown Grand Rapids—museums, bars, public parks, restaurants, theaters, hotels, bridges, laundromats, auto body shops, vacant storefronts and office spaces. Artists and venues register for the competition then find each other through an online connections process in late spring. No one at ArtPrize selects a single artist or artwork, directs an artist where to show work or directs a venue what to show. In 2018, 1,260+ works created by 1,400+ artists from 41 states and 40 countries will be exhibited in 165+ venues.

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