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Single Dad Illustrates What It’s Like To Raise A Child, And It’ll Melt Your Heart

Forgive me for the cliché, but children do grow up so fast. And parents usually document their precious moments by taking pictures or shooting video, but one single dad from Taiwan has his own method of making sure he remembers what it’s like raising his boy.

To capture the joys and difficulties of parenting he faces every day, Lan Shengjie (aka BLUE) is illustrating them. “I have been working as a freelance artist since 1999,” BLUE told Bored Panda. “I started this series after right after my child was born in 2014.” Recently, Sharp Point Press has even published it.

“When you have a kid, a lot of things happen unexpectedly. However, as I started drawing the surprising moments we shared, I didn’t think they would get such a huge positive response.”

BLUE said he’s usually rushing through the illustrations since he’s always taking care of his boy. “I hope that my child can grow up in a safe and healthy environment,” he added. “I worry about him becoming a hooligan or anything else that can go wrong along the way. That’s why I always try to accompany him as he’s growing up and help him when I can.”

More: Lan Shengjie, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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