Finnish Nightmares: An Irreverent Guide To Life’s Awkward Moments

From awkward interactions on public transportation to avoiding small talk with salespeople, introverts from all over the world will find something to love in this comic sensation from Finland.

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Mild-mannered protagonist Matti is a typical Finn who appreciates peace, quiet, and personal space–but things do not always go according to his wishes. Finnish Nightmares is an illustrated collection of his and many people’s worst fears when it comes to social interactions.

Divided into sections on dealing with neighbors, going shopping, sharing public spaces, tense dining situations, and more, there is a comic for every squeamish scenario, from having to sing your own praises in a job interview, to being unable to leave your apartment because a neighbor is in the hallway.

A fascinating look at Nordic culture, globe trotters and armchair travelers alike will enjoy this insider’s glimpse into the local life and habits of Finland. With a charming and quirky universality, there is an awkward and laughable situation that everyone can relate to in Finnish Nightmares.

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