“Pathologic”: Imaginative, Bizarre and Otherworldy Paintings of Peter Ferguson

Canadian painter Peter Ferguson has been working had a career as a professional illustrator since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto in 1992. He has been very successful over the years and has had many clients such as Marvel Comics, The Wall Street Journal, and has illustrated the covers of the Sisters Grimm collection.

His personal work is an imaginative mixture of the fantastical and bizarre. The fusion of technical skills and imaginative depictions of characters within the work seems to indicate that strong cultivations of narratives are the premise behind his extraordinary oil paintings.

“Norman Rockwell meets H.P. Lovecraft. Luminously painted and complex in their composition, his paintings are made with a built in patina to evoke the feel of long lost magical works found in the dusty corner of some old gentleman’s explorer club library.”

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