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Illustrations Of Pop Culture Characters By EFIX Blend Into Walls And Sidewalks

Thanks to Frencha artist EFIX, it is possible to walk down the street, and to come across, at the bend of a wall, a Pop Culture character who seems to continue on his way or to take a pose, while integrating perfectly into the environment in which he was created. A way of diverting urban elements and transforming them into what the artist sees in them.

“Wherever you see a pipe, I’ll see a saxophone, an elephant trunk or a cactus” he explains. In his work, the Barcelona-based artist enjoys playing with characters that have been part of his viewers’ childhood. This, is in order to “reach his audience more easily“. This choice was also made to “explain that you have to keep your childlike soul and your carefree attitude towards the society around you“.

More: EFIX, Instagram h/t: fubiz, boredpanda

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