“Transparent Presence And Ambiguous Words”: The World Of Acrylic Artist Yuna Kimura

Yuna Kimura is a multi-talented creator whose acrylic plate artworks and accessories have been getting noticed, of late. A graduate student at Kobe University who also has experience in handcrafting and laser cutting, she’s active in the Kansai area but has also exhibited and sold her works on consignment in Osaka and Tokyo.

Transparent and often in unusual shapes and containing pieces of messages, letters, numbers and symbols in various languages, her works have a futuristic, sci-fi feel to them. Recently, she has also been making works which take on the shape of everyday items such as milk cartons and chopsticks, cassette tape covers, commuter pass cases and Reversi sets.

“I consciously seek to inscribe my works with everyday language and traces of communication which easily appear then disappear, as well as candid, casual phrases. I take this ambiguous language, copy it onto transparent acrylic and make the letters appear through the colorless method of engraving,” she said.

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