IKEA Is Selling ‘Flat-Pack’ Chocolate Bunny, So You Can Assemble Your Own Easter Candy

IKEA has released a flat-pack product that we can all handle: a chocolate bunny.

The VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate, three-piece bunny is launching in honor of Easter and is so on brand for Ikea. No Tools, instructions, or booze required—okay, so maybe the third is more of a personal condition. The three-ounce snack is currently selling for £2.95 ($3.91) in U.K. stores, and it’s still unconfirmed whether it’ll make its way across the pond.

“Go ahead, play with your food! That’s what this certified sustainable chocolate bunny is for. It’s easily assembled, only three parts. And when you’re finished playing, we bet you’ll enjoy eating it, too.”

More: IKEA h/t: delish

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