This Futuristic 1966 Ford Ranger II Concept Truck

1966 Ford Ranger II concept truck with a futuristic look created with a streamlined windshield, high-intensity head lights of rectangular design and Clearwater Aqua finish.

Syd Mead created a design for a convertible Ford pickup, similar to the modern Chevrolet SSR. According to Syd,

“This was designed to mount onto a ’63 Ford station wagon frame. It was fully operational with A/C, radio and a fully operational top conversion. The small rear ‘cab’ roof slid back, a rear seat unfolded and a ‘filler’ section with window rose into position. This meant that, sacrificing bed length, the vehicle converted electrically from a bench seat, three-passenger vehicle into a five-passenger close-coupled club sedan/truck. The vehicle was toured for about two years.”

According to Ford press-release: “Ford Division’s Ranger II is an ultra-modern pickup truck with a custom designed passenger compartment. Seen as a two-seater vehicle in the above photo, the Ranger II converts into a four-passenger pickup (below) at the flick of a finger. The rear portion of the cab moves 18-inches into the bed of the truck while a roof section moves up into position and two additional bucket seats fall into place. The Ranger II’s ultra-streamlined windshield is made of specially tempered plastic-type glass. It also features high intensity headlights of rectangular design, extruded aluminum grille and walnut flooring in the cargo bed.

The ultra-streamlined windshield of specially tempered plastic-type glass, special high intensity headlights of rectangular design, contoured bumper, extruded aluminum grill, and a Clearwater Aqua finish give the vehicle a look of the future.

As a two-passenger pickup, the truck bed is six feet wide and eight feet long — the standard F-250 bed size. The cargo bed has walnut flooring, courtesy lights, aluminum loading rails, vinyl-covered side panels and padded wheel housing.

The functional interior features contoured bucket seats, and a host of options including power steering, tilt-away steering wheel, SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic transmission, AM/FM radio and a SelectAire air-conditioner.

The Ranger II is 57 inches high, 18 feet long, 84 inches wide and has a 120-inch wheelbase. Power for the special show vehicle is provided by a 390 cubic-inch V-8 with three carburetors.”

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