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Kinda Creepy And Disturbing Russian Robot To Care About Your Baby

Robo-nurse made in the city of Perm, Russia, has been shown at the exhibition Toy Fair 2020 in New York. “Robo-С” was made by “Promorobot” company in the realistic design that… can actually scare the bejesus out of any baby or even adult.

More: Instagram, Youtube h/t: englishrussia

The robot can watch a baby and communicate with it, it can tell fairy tales and react to actions of a baby. Besides, the nurse can be connected to any domestic devices.

It moves with face muscles and changes expressions in 600 possible ways. The leather substitute applied for this robot can make it look like any person in the world.

In fact, parents may create the effect of their presence next to their child. The robot can be their realistic copy.

This guy can sing lullubies. Do you wanna hear that before going to bed?

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