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An Unusual, Luxurious Sleeping Bag That Looks Just Like A Life-Sized Bear


Amsterdam-based Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa has transformed the average, functional sleeping bag into an exquisite work of art with her luxurious creation that closely resembles a life-sized bear, humorously referencing the safety hazard that comes with camping in the woods.


Inspired by a real-life event where a “problem bear” had wandered from the Italian Alps to the Bavarian side of the mountains in 2006, the life-like sleeping bag, measuring an approximate six feet in length, is a heartfelt tribute to the unfortunate demise of the bear, which was eventually hunted down for fear of its threat to the inhabitants around it.

According to the product page on Cargo, the item has a considerable price tag of US$2,350, though to be fair, a tremendous amount of effort and time has to go into hand-making something like this.


Check out images of the ‘Great Sleeping Bear’ below and find out more about it here.


So, what do you look for in a sleeping bag?


Via DesignTaxi, RocketNews24

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