French Artist Transforms Street Signs Into Working Skateboard

Titled ‘Le poteau cédez le passage skateboard’, French artist Benedetto Bufalino (previously) has turned a street signpost on its side before adding wheels and taking it for a ride. By distorting or hijacking the objects that surround us, using design, art or architecture, he offers a reflection – a game – on the functionality of our living environment.

More: Benedetto Bufalino, Instagram h/t: designboom

To create the artwork, Bufalino worked with skateboarders from Besançon, a city in Eastern France which has a burgeoning culture for urban sports. It recently opened the CCUB (Center for Urban Cultures in Besançon) which saw a €500,000 renovation of an old tennis club to accomodate various kind including skateboarding, rollerblading and breakdancing.

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