Genie Espinosa’s Illustrations Are Not Quite As Innocent As You Might Think

Having drawn since childhood, Barcelona-based Genie Espinosa always knew that one day she’d become an illustrator. But as she grew older, life seemed to get in the way – as it so often does – and it wasn’t until her later years that she realised her role in marketing wasn’t quite right for her. One day, she left her former job to become a professional illustrator, “and here I am six years after that crazy thought, working full-time and happy about it.”

More: Genie Espinosa, Instagram, Behance h/t: itsnicethat

Upon first glance at Genie’s portfolio, you’re instantly greeted with vibrant colours, outlandish figures and some catchy slogans.

“I would say that it looks more innocent than it really is, I think there’s a dark core inside everything I do,” she explains. “I am very fond of subtle messages and just telling things that some people would understand and some won’t.”

Delivering these messages are her powerful characters – you see a floating head yelling “bitch, I am everywhere”, a woman with rather shiny bum cheeks, and another woman eating a dripping hot dog alongside “get what’s yours”. Genie suggests: “Scratching a little at the surface would be recommended.”

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