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Genie Espinosa’s Illustrations Are Not Quite As Innocent As You Might Think

Having drawn since childhood, Barcelona-based Genie Espinosa always knew that one day she’d become an illustrator. But as she grew older, life seemed to get in the way – as it so often does – and it wasn’t until her later years that she realised her role in marketing wasn’t quite right for her. One day, she left her former job to become a professional illustrator, “and here I am six years after that crazy thought, working full-time and happy about it.”

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Upon first glance at Genie’s portfolio, you’re instantly greeted with vibrant colours, outlandish figures and some catchy slogans.

“I would say that it looks more innocent than it really is, I think there’s a dark core inside everything I do,” she explains. “I am very fond of subtle messages and just telling things that some people would understand and some won’t.”

Delivering these messages are her powerful characters – you see a floating head yelling “bitch, I am everywhere”, a woman with rather shiny bum cheeks, and another woman eating a dripping hot dog alongside “get what’s yours”. Genie suggests: “Scratching a little at the surface would be recommended.”

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