Dad Continues To Recreate Son’s Adorable Drawings Into Hilarious Real-Life Counterparts

Dom, 7 years loves to draw random things. From ‘creepy’ bikes and cars to wild animals like elephants and giraffes that could easily give you a nightmare; Well, literally. Some of his work might prove beneficial when in a bad mood; because they can’t help but cheer up anyone who takes time to appreciate his talent. Thanks to his techie of a father, he has his own Instagram account to show off his latest works.

Well, daddy doesn’t just stop at that (previously here and here). Using his ingenuity in computer graphics, he recreates a realistic version of son’s masterworks in the process adding a little bit of humor and less crude. Much as we agree that little don has most of the years ahead to horn his skills, he can pretty much draw better than most people we know.

Below is a sample of some of his ‘master art’, so adorable they are that you might consider a change of career.

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