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This Girl Cosplays Unexpected Things And Here Are Hilarious Instagram Pics

Cosplay is truly becoming its own form of art with thousands of people investing time and money to create elaborate costumes. And making a well-crafted cosplay piece is not that easy as it can require a multitude of skills, from sewing to crafting, from hair-styling to body-painting and makeup.

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But like many social media accounts and dozens of cons and competitions show, the number of those who have harnessed those skills is growing and growing, and the creme de la creme of the cosplaying world keep pushing the limits further and further.

Yet perhaps those meticulous outfits of the most popular heroes have given us a very one-dimensional understanding of what cosplay is. After all, many people now judge the worth of a costume by how accurate or aesthetically appealing it is. Well, this Instagram account gives a look at a completely different genre of cosplay, where unusual characters are brought to life.

Mira Park posts under the name “beebinch” and her cosplays are certainly eye-catching. One might look at her gallery and say that they are definitely unexpected as her ideas are original and, best of all, humorous.

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