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Haunting 100-Year-Old Chalkboard Drawings Discovered In Oklahoma School


Emerson High School in Oklahoma City was the site of an amazing discovery last week when contractors renovating the school found several 100-year-old chalkboards hidden in the walls. The chalkboards, dating back to 1917, haven’t been touched for almost a century, and perfectly preserve the work of students and teachers from that era.

The images and writing on the boards include an unusual mathematics lesson where a wheel is used to teach multiplication tables.


The students were also taught music…


… and basic hygiene.


“The penmanship blows me away, because you don’t see a lot of that anymore,” Emerson High School Principal Sherry Kishore told the NewsOK. “Some of the handwriting in some of these rooms is beautiful.”


Several references to the pilgrims were also made.

A school district spokesperson says they are working with the city to preserve the chalk drawings.


Via Pulptastic, NewsOK

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