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From Tokyo To Paris: 4 Continents, 4 Cities, 300 Objects

A city is made of many things.

When you dream of Paris you think croissants, good wine and the Moulin Rouge. When you fantasise Tokyo you visualise sushi, technology and paper lanterns. Photographic Poster Artist, Jordan Bolton based in Manchester, England, has done just that and designed for Expedia Canada, four unique posters depicting four iconic cities: San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Tokyo.

Through extensive research, he selected objects that represent the life, soul and heartbeat of these vibrant cities. Using white plasticine, he made miniature versions of the objects and painted each one. Placing them on coloured card, he photographed them from above.

The end result gives us four exquisite posters that are a treat for the eyes.

More info: Jordan Bolton h/t: expedia

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