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Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life As An Adult

UK-based artist Alex Norris is making comics cool again with his “Oh No” series, a gloriously awkward take on life’s realest struggles. These 3-panel wonders, uploaded to a page known as “Webcomic Name”, started appearing on Tumblr over the last summer.

More info: Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

The star is a little pink blob who faces everyday challenges and annoyances, from social anxiety to dirty contact lenses, but fails in hilarious ways and delivers its trademark punchline – oh no.

“Webcomic Name is partly a parody of the extremely self-aware negative culture that has been popular on the internet for a while.” Alex told Bored Panda. The comics’ simplistic presentation makes them both relatable and hilarious.

Alex has been drawing and illustrating since the age of 10, but he didn’t take his talent for drawing comics full-time until after university.

“Since graduating they have always been my main focus because I haven’t wanted to do any other job,” though he added that he’s had “a few side-jobs to pay rent.”

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