Journalists Mistook An Ordinary Teacher For A Famous Star, And This Changed Her Life In An Amazing Way – Design You Trust

Journalists Mistook An Ordinary Teacher For A Famous Star, And This Changed Her Life In An Amazing Way

63-year-old Lyn Slater lives in New York and teaches students at Fordham University. She can pinpoint exactly the moment that her life changed forever. A few years ago, Lyn was waiting for a friend not far from the Lincoln Center, where the various shows of Fashion Week were taking place. Some photographers standing nearby mistook the stylish woman for a famous personality in the fashion industry.

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“The photographers surrounded me and began taking pictures,“ recalls Lyn. ”Two Japanese journalists began asking questions. Tourists started gathering and taking videos and photos on their phones, thinking they had come across a major figure in the fashion industry. I was confused, but it was at that moment that my friend arrived, and we started laughing at the situation. She said to me, ’Wow, you’ve unexpectedly become a style icon.’ “

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