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Artist Makes Stunning Aerial Embroidery That Showcases The Hidden Patterns Of Cultivated Farmland

Humble fields become abstracted artworks in thread paintings by Victoria Rose Richards. The artist uses a combination of tight, straight lines and lush French knots to emulate the rural patterning of closely-cropped fields divided by hedges and woods. Richards, who is 21 years old and based in South West Devon, U.K., draws inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds her.

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“I am a thread painter, born, raised, and currently living in South-West Devon, UK. After experimenting with a range of mediums since my GCSEs, I settled on embroidery last year after finally finding an art form I could fall in love with. I haven’t looked back, and now while away the free hours I used to spend stressing instead of creating small, colorful landscapes using embroidery floss and wool!” – she says.

“In living in a rural area with woods, fields, and rivers, and even near the ocean, I often take inspiration from the abundance of nature around. I especially enjoy doing coastal and ocean landscapes. More recently, I have also begun embroidering aerial tropical island pieces, I believe reflecting my great love of tropical marine biology which I developed after completing my biology degree this year!”

“I think that strong colors and textures can make an art piece bubble and fizz. This feeling overflows so that creating and looking at these pieces can make your heart lift as if it’s being buoyed on all the bubbles. Why I want to create my art is simple: I want to create bubbles and fizz!”

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