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Cool Ad Photos of Proper Dispensing to All Carbonated Beverages in the 1950s

Proper dispensing adds the customer-appeal of taste and quality to all carbonated beverages

Proper dispensing is final step which makes all your investments in soda fountain equipment and material pay out. Here is the correct way to dispense many of the drinks you serve at the fountain. Coca-Cola is used as an example, but the same principles apply to carbonated beverages of all kinds.

A set of cool ad photos shows the proper dispensing adding the customer-appeal of taste and quality to all carbonated beverages in 1954.


Always use a clean, thin-blown glass–and preferably the standard glass for Coca-Cola

Use a full measure of syrup–one-sixth the maximum content os the standard glass

Add one standard scoop of finely chipped ice. Avoid lump ice and ice like snow

Draw off the warm water standing in the draft arm and carbonated water line

Let water glide gently down side of glass held at an angle close to the nozzle

Leave a quarter-inch serving level so that the drink will not overflow and spill

Mix with spoon–Using 4 or 5 upward strokes. Avoid over-stirring

Serve with a smile

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