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Beautiful Vintage Color Photographs Of The Japanese Warriors Captured Over 150 Years Ago

A group of officers in the service of a prince from the north of Japan, circa 1865. (Photo by Felice Beato/Spencer Arnold)

Two Japanese samurai in fire dress, circa 1865. The one on the left wears a jingasa hat, and the one on the right wears the traditional indigo tabi socks of the samurai firefighter. (Photo by Felice Beato)

A Samurai warrior in armour, 1867. (Photo by Hulton Archive)

Two Japanese kago bearers carrying a woman in a sedan chair, circa 1865. A samurai with two swords accompanies the group. (Photo by Felice Beato/Spencer Arnold)

A pilgrim on his way to Mount Fuji (Fujiyama) on the Japanese island of Honshu, 1880. (Photo by Kusakabe Kimbei)

Japanese samurai, aristocratic warriors in the service of a lord, circa 1865. (Photo by Felice Beato)

A Japanese general, circa 1865. (Photo by Hulton Archive)

An elegant meal in Japan, circa 1865. The two ladies on the right are playing a shamisen and a koto, while a communal pipe is passed around. (Photo by Felice Beato/Spencer Arnold)

Three samurai warriors in armour, circa 1880. (Photo by Kusakabe Kimbei)

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