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This Company Is Making Leggings For Dogs To Keep Their Paws Warm

Dogs are always there to cheer up their humans. No matter if you had a hard day at work, school or are just feeling a little bit under the weather, they will always be there to make us smile. While usually the reason to smile is their own behavior, a clothing piece created by the company Walkee Paws might crack you up even more. These leggings were made especially for our furry friends, so they don’t freeze their paws off during harsh winters.

More info: Walkee Paws h/t: boredpanda

These leggings for dogs not only cover their paws from mud and all kinds of dirt but are also waterproof and help keep your pet warm in the winter. Seems just about perfect, right? Apart from that, let’s just admit they are pretty odd looking.

And sure, it could be just another trend that’s a bit hard to get accommodated to at first but then becomes the very first thing you reach out for every day. There’s no telling. But let’s agree the company did their job in trying to make them fashionable at least.

You can now dress your dog in these canine pants that come in the classic houndstooth, polka dots, camo styles, and the price varies from $19.99 to $29.99, depending on what size your dog is.

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