Arresting Illustrations With Pleasing Textures And Details By Eva Bee

Producing conceptual works using ink brush pens to create line-work detail and then adding a whole dollop of texture and colour via Photoshop, British illustrator Eva Bee loves to bring arresting concepts to life.

Her distinct style has caught the attention of The Boston Globe, Financial Times, The Guardian and Reader’s Digest – all of whom have commissioned her to create bespoke illustrations to accompany their articles. The Observer, for instance, recently asked Eva to illustrate a feature on detox products being a waste of money. Although brilliant in its execution, it was another piece for The Observer that was shortlisted for the Association of Illustrator’s World Illustration Awards last year, this time based on a book review.

“I believe the concept behind an illustration is just as important as the image. Solving problems and creating interesting, eye-catching concepts that bring copy to life is key to my work,” says Eva.

More info: Eva Bee, Behance (h/t: creativeboom)

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