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Banksy Works From Home: Street-Artist Keeps His Art Alive From His Bathroom

With COVID-19 sweeping over the globe and turning life upside down for many, the global population has been forced indoors with many working from home to keep businesses afloat.

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Celebrated street artist Banksy, whose identity still remains a mystery for the world, is also moving his outdoor work within the confines of his home, as seen in the latest pictures featured on his Instagram.

“My wife hates it when I work from home,” the graffiti artist wrote alongside photos of rats painted creatively in different parts of his bathroom.

While one illustrated rat can be seen making use of the bathroom’s urinal, another can be seen running through a toilet paper.

The indoor art comes as the artist’s first work after his Valentine’s Day mural in Bristol, southwest England.

While the artist has strictly kept his identity under wraps, his former agent and photographer last year in October, released a handful of photographs that allegedly showed him busy at work, while keeping the face concealed.

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