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Decorate Your Bike This Spring With Cute Little Flower Vases


Colleen Jordan, is a designer and artist who likes to create objects that make life more enjoyable. Back when Colleen was an industrial design student at Georgia Tech and Lund University, she was always trying to convince her professors to let her do a projects that enabled people to carry plants. Her ideas were a bit far-fetched, like when she imagined small farms growing on raincoats, or little plants living on lapels. Unfortunately the professors said that she couldn’t explore these ideas in class.

h/t: contemporist


Of course, when someone tells you no, it just makes you want to do it more, so that is just what Colleen did. In 2011, Wearable Planter was born, a company that designs and creates fun ways to take plants and flowers with you, like these Bike Planters, that simply clip on, or are attached with an elastic cord to your bike.


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