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Spitting In The Face Of Christ: The Superb Blasphemous Horror Art Of Paolo Girardi

Surely if our meagre planet were overtaken by skeleton soldiers, leather winged giant insects, goat human hybrids, rats, cosmic storms and serpent lords, this is what it would look like. Paolo Girardi is fucking possessed with an intrinsic vision to put the most barbaric, and rusted atmospheres into carnal shape.

I would love to have one of these plastered on my bedroom wall. The immensity of detail, suggests months and months of methodical attention while being chained into solitary confinement to remove distractions. Paint is slowly stroked and perfected executed casting a focal point not only one a solitary subject but the paintings entirety.

When I cast my eyes on these formations, the banality of this description becomes so irrelevant. I can only come tantalizing close to venting my verbal expression on his works. Everything is doused in dirty, infected hues of color, while dense shadows and proportions are the secret of each one. I am appalled and in admiration at the same time….The blasphemous art of PAOLO GIRARDI is on display!

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