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A Street Artist “Improved” Facebook’s Billboards In London

Ilya Varlamov

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has worked hard (and spent a lot) trying to fix its image with digital, social, but also OOH ads. In London, a street artist thought he could make them more “honest.”

A mystery street artist has tampered with billboards across London to share some interesting messages about fake news. Photos circulating online show the bus shelters parodying a series of Facebook advertisements. Messages like ‘fake news is not our friend, it’s a great revenue source’ are trying to dupe commuters into believing they’re actually from the social media giant.

A Twitter account called Protest Stencil shared photos of the ads and said they are ‘really getting around’.

“Fake news is not our friend, it’s a great revenue source.”

“Data misuse is not our friend, it’s our business model.”

While we don’t have to agree with the “improved” message, it certainly shows that for many users, trust is simply not there anymore.

More: Twitter h/t: metro, wersm

Protest Pencil

Protest Pencil

Protest Pencil

Protest Pencil

Protest Pencil

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