Become A Poop Art Picasso Japan’s PooPaint Toilet Paper

Children in Japan already have a poop museum to learn about how cute poop can be, but now they have a potty training alternative with some artistic incentive in PooPaint–a toilet paper that encourages you to make art with your poop!

h/t: grapee

You probably don’t need much explanation other than a look at PooPaint to figure out the concept. It’s toilet paper that, much like a coloring book, contains black and white images on each sheet (hamburgers, dinosaurs, bears, dragonflies, snails, etc.) that are “filled” in when you wipe your bottom after conducting your restroom business. So you’re coloring with poop!

The product is by Fleur, a Japanese company in charge of Tokyo’s Lohas Kids Center Clover daycare facility, which has a focus on art education. Citing feedback that showed a growing concern by parents over troubles encountered with potty training, they released PooPaint with the intention of making early age trips to the toilet more appealing to hesitant children.

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