Daily Cat Drawings: Artist Wants To Adopt A Cat So Bad, She Signs Up For A 100-Day Cat Meme Drawing Challenge – Design You Trust

Daily Cat Drawings: Artist Wants To Adopt A Cat So Bad, She Signs Up For A 100-Day Cat Meme Drawing Challenge

Drawing cats from memes every single day sounds like a dream come true. Well, animation student Emily Paquin aka Catwheezie is certainly living the life! She posts a drawing of a popular and beloved internet cat each day, and she doesn’t plan on stopping until she hits 100, and maybe even beyond!

“Most of the cats I draw are from popular cat images I find online through Instagram. I’ve always loved these types of funny cat pictures and remember being a kid, printing out similar ones, and gluing them on my school notebooks,” Em told Bored Panda about the project that she started on June 13.

Scroll down for the rest of our interview with Em and check out her fun feline illustrations below. Upvote the ones you liked best and let us know in the comments which one you enjoyed the most and why. Oh, and be sure to follow Em’s latest drawings on her Instagram!

More: Instagram, Imgur h/t: boredpanda

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