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Russian Artist Creates A Crazy Sole Drinking Art Project

An artist from Samara named Arseniy gave an unusual and risky performance at a height equivalent to a five-storey building. He created the image of a boozer sitting at a table, with a carpet behind his back. The performance became a part of the art project “1m2” devoted to the chase after a living space.

More: Instagram h/t: englishrussia

According to Arseniy, people get accustomed to measuring their life with square meters. They save money, buy an accomodation unit, then save money again to furnish it and finally limit their life to the size of this unit.

People willingly live as if they are in an ant-heap and waste their best years by paying mortgage loans.

Arseniy spent two days preparing for the project. He required special safety equipment for making an improvised floor and for getting down onto the floor from the roof.

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