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Artist Illustrates What It’s Really Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship


Viola Wang has been in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend for three years. Having experienced all there is to experience when dating someone who lives thousands of miles away, she decided to capture what it’s really like via these sweet illustrations.

Inspired by British Illustrator Philippa Rice’s comic Soppy, Viola has created a series showing the situations many long distance couples face. She hopes to show through her illustrations that although maintaining a relationship with someone who’s far away can be tough, when you know that you are with ‘The One’, everything seems worthwhile.

h/t: boredpanda, metro

Contantly missing your loved one


Birthdays and holidays are especially hard


Poor internet connection drives you insane on the regular


But you know it’s worth it, because talking to them makes your day


Sometimes, random things trigger up memories of them that make you smile (or cry…)


Flying out to see each other is not always easy


But when you manage to put together a plan, it’s the most exciting thing in the world!


Counting down the days becomes your favourite activity and gives you a daily jolt of happiness


The day you get to go to the airport is the best day ever!


When you finally see that specially someone, no words can describe your joy!


Having been apart makes you appreciate every moment you have together


Everything is so comfortable that sometimes it feels like you were never apart


The night before they have to leave again is the toughest…


But it’s ok because you know that distance means so little when someone means so much


Until you see each other again soon!


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