An Artist Has Created A Brilliantly Detailed Manhattan Desk That Glow In The Dark – Design You Trust

An Artist Has Created A Brilliantly Detailed Manhattan Desk That Glow In The Dark


“It has been a dream for me to create a replica of Manhattan since I was in design school (although it is not really the whole Manhattan, since I have to decide where to stop or the desk would be too big to build)”, explains Troy Huang on Bored Panda.

h/t: boredpanda


“It is about 7 weeks of work for this desk, excluding many many hours of designing.”


Material: glow in the dark filament; abrasion resistant; acrylic; plywood. 30″ by 60″ by 32″. Material logic: the clear acrylic legs mimic the fallen Twin Towers; the corner four LED lights will forever shine into the night. The laser cut plywood with burn edges represent the earth and the clear acrylic symbolizes the lightness of the water. Methods: 3D printing, and larger laser cutting.


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