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An Artist Has Created This Elegant Table Inspired By The Horse


Looking through this year’s DMY Festival New Talents, we were struck by what at first looked like an exceptionally dynamic sculpture, but in fact turned out to be a table made by Vendulka Prchalová. A student at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Prchalová has already a considerable portfolio of glass works and artistic jewelry.

h/t: ignant


Born from the idea of adaptable design that adjusts to the customer’s most distinctive imagination and wish, ‘Locomotion’ is an exploration of the table’s form and concept. More of a playful study than an actual functional object, the work materializes the quirky idea of a table becoming a horse.


Starting with her favorite table, the Czech designer experimented with different features to give it an animal-like form, based on the customer’s wish. Although it’s hard to imagine having a dinner around a table like this, ‘Locomotion’ surely stands out as a distinctive addition to an interior setting, balancing between sculpture and design.


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