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Stay Safe Carabiner: EDC Stylus, Door Hook & Box Opener

In the heat of the fight against pandemic and currently the insecure world, they have developed a product, that enables people to be a bit safer. With a Stay Safe Carabiner, you don`t need to touch door handles, pin pads, elevator buttons and many other public surfaces with bare hands. The multifunctional carabiner will enable you to do everyday tasks in a safe and easy way. It is made out of copper, which is naturally anti-microbial and kills viruses in 4 hours.

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According to a team of Slovenian engineers behind the product: “About 3 months ago, I was watching a thriller called “Contagion”. The movie is about a fictional story of a pandemic, and the whole world is desperately searching for a cure against an aggressive virus. After that movie, I said: “I hope that never happens in real life!” Unfortunately, it did happen somehow.

That is why we decided to design a product that will help you to stay safe. Around us, there are many viruses and will always be. Our multifunctional carabiner will enable you to do everyday tasks in a safe and easy way.

The Stay Safe carabiner can be used as a door opener, stylus, key carabiner, quick fixer and a box opener. Carabiner give us quick access to all the functions. It can be clipped on your pants or purse. Because of the germs transmission, we do not recommend carrying it in your pocket.”

“The carabiner give us quick access to all the functions and to not carrying it in the pocket. Clip it on your pants, bags or purse. In these days nobody wants to touch the door handle with a hook or a hand and then put it in the pocket. And we recommend, that when you wash your hands, wash also the carabiner.”

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