Sig Waller’s Kitsch Gothic Invades Suburbia’s Comfort Zone

Sig Waller (“S.I.G.” – “Spectrum is Green” from Captain Scarlett and the Mysterions) injects smultzy, kitsch happy homes of the type seen in 1950s illustrations of the American dreams with a sinister and darkly humorous Gothic twist. Waller disturbs conformist visions of post-Christian, Formica-faced domestic bliss with a huge demonic creature made of shadow that’s slunk into suburbia.

Waller’s work is smart and alluring, rendering the audience appreciative but not cowed – you don’t look up at the art and the artist’s tyranny of smugness and self-indulgence; you just look at it. and wonder what and why it is. Waller’s transgressive visions are satirical and captivating Like mom with her little yellow helpers, they leave you wanting more.

More info: Sig Waller, Facebook (h/t: flashbak)

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